The Grizzly Bear, or Brown Bear, are not as common as the black bear, but have been spotted around the Crowsnest Pass and at campgrounds and random camping areas throughout southern Alberta.  
  It is a solitary animal and can only survive in relatively undisturbed areas. Its colour can range from nearly white to ivory yellow to black.  
SIZE:   90-150cm. at shoulder, over 8ft. standing.  
WEIGHT:   Av Male 389kg. Female 207kg. Max 600kg.  
LIFE-SPAN:   Av 25yrs., in captivity upto 50yrs.  
HABITAT:   They prefer open areas such at tundra, alpine meadows, and shorlines. Uses dense understory for cover.  
DIET:   Grizzlies are omnivorous, eating almost anything nutritious. They will hunt moose, elk, mountain sheep, and mountain goats.  
STATUS:   THREATENED. (As of June 3,2010 in Alberta)  
ENEMIES:   Human. (except when young)  
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