Elk are sociable animals seldom found without other elk nearby. They are highly vocal for an ungulate, or hoofed animal.

Elk are second in size only to the moose. The colour of the elk's coat ranges from reddish brown in summer to dark brown in winter.
SIZE:   150 cm tall at the shoulder (adult)  
WEIGHT:   300 to 350kg, bulls approach 500kg  
LIFE-SPAN:   Male 14 yrs, Female 24 yrs  
HABITAT:   Herd animals which live in open areas. They occupy forest/park areas with groups averaging 6 to 7 animals.  
DIET:   Elk are plant eaters. They eat most plants in their range. When snow is deep in winter they eat twigs of conifers like Douglas Fir.  
STATUS:   Healthy Populations  
ENEMIES:   Wolf, Cougar, Human  
MORE INFO: Mammal Fact Sheet - ELK

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